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Contents - 500g/30 tablets

Functions - Promote metabolismphysique tuningsmooth defecation

Ingredients - Turmeric extract, starch decomposition enzyme, compounded fruits and vegetables fermentation, green tea powder extract, Vitamin C

Method to Use - 2 tablets daily, recommended 1 tablet each after lunch and dinner.

Shelf Life - 3 years

Origin - Taiwan

Cautions -

1.Edible for vegetarian.

2.Please place under the shade, avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

3.Put at place out of reach from the children, avoid improper consumption of the product.

4. If there is physical discomfort after eatingplease terminate the consumption immediatelyand consult to doctor.

5.Please use up the product as soon as possible after the unsealedto ensure the best quality.

6.Please avoid simultaneous consumption with other medicines.

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