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BB LAB The Collagen Up Jelly 20g x 14s
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BB LAB The Collagen Up Jelly 20g x 14s

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    Recharge your collagen with 1 stick of our BB LAB The Collagen Up Jelly!

    ▪Refreshing taste & Convenient Size (Sweet & Sour Taste of Sevenberry)
    ▪Healthy drink made by fermenting BLACK TEA & GREEN TEA with YEAST and KOMBUCHA BACTERIA (Double fermentation method applied)
    ▪Double Fermentation Method applied for you to experience the DEEPER TASTE of KOMBUCHA
    ▪ Alcohol 0%, No Carbon Dioxide, Only filled with naturally produced Organic Acids and Beneficial by-products of fermentation
    ▪Also contains Fructo-oligosaccharide, Sevenberry mixture concentrate, Nondigestible maltodextrin, Vitamin C
    【Contents】 20g x 14 sticks (280g) / box
    【Method of Consumption】 Take 1 stick a day
    【Product Origin】 Republic of Korea
    【Caution】 1. Store in a cool and dry place.
    2. Avoid direct sunlight.
    3. Do not microwave or heat our product over a heat source.
    4. Consume as soon as possible once opened.
    5. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medications or have any medical condition, consult your doctor before use.
    6. Check the amount and directions before taking this product.
    7. If any adverse reaction occurs, immediately stop using this product and consult your doctor.