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【Contents】 - 7g x 15 pack/box

【Functions】 -「20X Concentration」adopt latest technology in Japan,8 type of extractions from fruits and vegetables in green + green juice enzyme,light green tea scent,one cup for clearance

【Ingredients】 - Refer to figure above

【Method to Use】 - Please consume before meal, 1 pack daily (permissible to 2 packs based on personal need); consume after soaking in a cup of warm water. After the consumption,drink another cup of warm water to promote the clearance.

【Shelf Life】 - 3 years

【Origin】 - Taiwan

【Cautions】 -

1.Please place at dry shady area that is out of reach from the children, and avoid exposure to high temperature and direct sunlight.

2.Permissible to vegetarian.

3.Prohibited to pregnant woman or person who allergic to any ingredients of this product, person with physical discomfort or under special circumstances, please consult to doctor (pharmacist) before the consumption.

4.Please use up as soon as the product is unsealed.


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